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Stop Being Passive About Your Passive Income


The fastest way to a fortune, in my opinion, is the set it and forget it strategy where you create your offer one time and then drive traffic to it.

By Alaina Pinkney

The fastest way to a fortune, in my opinion, is the set it and forget it strategy where you create your offer one time and then drive traffic to it. In theory, there’s no real “forgetting” about a product that you’ve launched, but the sheer peace one garners from marketing a passive item that requires only the source of sales traffic to earn up, and not ongoing sweat and mental capacity to have a payday, is all the reason why you need to stop what you’re doing and create your passive offer.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you don’t need me to rattle off the benefits of passive streams. I’m sure you’ve watched every YouTube video on the subject matter and likely perused a plethora of Facebook groups with other entrepreneurs touting windfalls and major paydays with their ebooks and courses. Yet, you still find yourself sitting on the sidelines wondering how to monetize your brilliance in a one-off that can earn you money while you sleep or in luckier cases, while you sip lattes while traveling abroad – such is the life!

If you’re unsure where to start, and how to determine which part of your brilliance will beget you the bag, then try this strategy: passively sell the beginning, middle, or after of your signature offer. If you’re hearing crickets, I get it, let me explain.

If you’re a fitness coach that sells a 6-month coaching program, there has to be a portion of your program at the onboarding that can be pre-created and sold to your audience as a way to get their feet wet before they go all-in with your service. A great example would be, creating a 30-day meal plan to kickstart your weight loss journey. To amplify that offer, you could create several depending upon a person’s dietary lifestyle – vegan, keto, vegetarian, and beyond. When they choose to sign up for your 6-month service, it’s at that point you will design a personalized program that is more specific to their lifestyle. The passive program is a tool to help them jumpstart their journey before going all the way with you.

If you’re a marketing company that does b2b business with emerging or established brands, maybe your middle offer is a graphic pack of social media templates predesigned for various industries. They should already have a marketing strategy if they’re getting ready to start thrusting out social media posts. This would be the next step in elevating their business. Why not be the person to offer a customizable high value and highly demanded item that is a win-win for them in business? If they want a more customized approach to social media, that’s when they will come and do business with you. But first, let’s earn their trust with a passive offer!

If you’re a course builder or course strategist, your after offer to your clients or other individuals who are at the onset of launching their course could easily be a launch strategy workbook for marketing their course like a boss! How many entrepreneurs thrust out courses and products to absolute silence? Your ‘after offer’ could be the determining factor in them finding success on the world wide web!

These are just a few examples of how you could monetize your brilliance in your field through a passive offer. You’ve been wanting to do it, and now you have a better direction to get started. If you want a blueprint for creating passive streams, check out The Passive Playbook: A Blueprint for Finding & Creating Passive Streams That Sell.



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